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David Ort is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in various print and online publications. His first cookbook, The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook, is for sale in stores and online.

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Cask Days 2014 Recap

standard Cask Days 2014 Recap

For their annual Cask Days festival, the Moranas seem to find a way to out-do their past year’s performance. Between the showcase region (California this year), the number and variety of interesting beers, and the top-notch food this is the beer event I highlight in my calendar and look forward to for months. It’s also at the end of the beer festival season in Toronto (for the most part) so it makes sense to try and suck every bit of marrow possible from it. I was literally first in the door for session one and will also head back at […]

LCBO Winter 2014 Craft Beer Release Prices

standard LCBO Winter 2014 Craft Beer Release Prices

I quite enjoyed the process of creating my table of craft beer benchmark prices. There seemed to be a fairly enthusiastic response to it. But, why keep going with this shtick? Well, despite the implication from Garrett Oliver a while back on Facebook that one would have to be a real wet blanket to consider beer based on its price per litre, I think this is something that needs more attention. In Toronto, there are enough beer writers scribbling away that we do a very good job of packing the LCBO’s small tasting room to the brim and yet, I feel like value has […]

Book Signing at The Cookery Store

standard Book Signing at The Cookery Store

What: Cooking demonstration of a few of the beer-centric recipes from The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook. Where: The Cookery Store, 303 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto When: 1 November, 12:30 PM Other Details: Copies of my cookbook will be for sale and I’m more than happy to sign them. Tickets: Free. I’m thankful that several entrepreneurs have stepped in to fill the void that was created when The Cookbook Store closed earlier this year. Most of these new entries tend to lean in the direction of diversification and sell kitchenwares and cooking equipment as well as cookbooks. Happily, as of just over a month ago, […]

Banned Beer Words and Usage

standard Banned Beer Words and Usage

UPDATE: I’ve started to add in suggestions from others and have separated out the words that aren’t banned, but need to be used with caution. This post draws inspiration from a few separate, but related sources. Several weeks ago, Raphael Brion left his long-held post as the Eater National editor. As well, I’ve been thinking about the post that Stephen Beaumont published a while ago dealing with when it is and is not okay to append the “Belgian” descriptor in front of a beer or beer style. Brion did a lot of great things for Eater, but many (even most) of […]

Craft Beer with Caledon Public Library

standard Craft Beer with Caledon Public Library

What: Talk and demonstration of a few of the beer-centric recipes from The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook. Where: Albion Bolton Branch, Ena Badger Room When: 30 October, 7 – 8 PM Other Details: Copies of my cookbook will be for sale and I’m more than happy to sign them. Tickets: Free. As I mentioned last month, library events are a favourite of mine. So, I was definitely happy to be invited to Bolton by the folks from Forster’s Book Garden and the Caledon Library Cookbook Club to introduce the group to a few of the recipes from my cookbook, offer some tips about […]

Taste Canada Cooks the Books

standard Taste Canada Cooks the Books

What: On-stage cooking competition Where: Delicious Food Show, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto When: 19 October, 4 – 5 PM Tickets: Ticket to DFS required. More info about purchasing them here. As part of their mission to raise the profile for Canada’s cookbook awards, Taste Canada is bringing back their Cooks the Books competition for a second year. Cookbook authors who were nominated for an award will be paired with separate teams of culinary students who will prepare one of the recipes from the book as part of an onstage, judged competition at the Delicious Food Show. The chefs-to-be from St. Pius […]

Grocery Innovations Canada

standard Grocery Innovations Canada

I really like being asked to sit on judging panels. Maybe I’m just judgmental by nature or maybe I appreciate the reminder of those high school classes when the teacher ceded the conch to the boys and let us mark each other. Either way, I was pleased when the folks at Butter PR asked if I would be part of the group tasked with picking the most innovative product of this year’s Grocery Innovations Canada show. Follow the link to Spotlight Toronto for the rest of my story about the Grocery Innovations Canada show.

Benchmarking craft beer prices in Ontario

standard Ontario Craft Beer Benchmark Prices

Just like every other system, the LCBO and Beer Store duopoly has its pluses and minuses. It’s worth noting that getting Ontarians a comparatively good price on certain craft beers – especially classic, but high production Belgians like Rochefort 8 and Chimay Blue – is one of the appreciated up-sides. It’s also clear from sales data, conversations I’ve had with employees, and rough observation that the LCBO has devoted a big chunk of its selection of the past couple years to new Ontario beers. If “supporting local” is a priority for you, then this should make you smile, at least begrudgingly. As […]

A Pint's a Pint

standard A Pint’s a Pint

Chris Conway, a Canadian beer blogger whose stuff I read, posted this week about the beer angle to the recent Fairness at the Pumps Act and the resulting newspaper stories. I commented on the post, talked about it on Facebook, and considered writing more in those places, but that’s usually a signal that I’m interested enough to publish a blog post of my own. I think it’s important to say that Chris makes some excellent points. Namely: Foam is an integral part of a well-poured pint. It improves the beer’s appearance and savour. If I had to choose one or the other, […]

Beer Dinner: Innis & Gunn at The Bristol

standard Beer Dinner: Innis & Gunn at The Bristol

I didn’t have to wait long for someone to take me up on my offer to help promote an upcoming beer dinner in Toronto. On 30 September, Dougal Sharp the founder of Innis & Gunn will be at The Bristol on Queen West for a four-course special event. Happily, Innis & Gunn PR reps here in Toronto were good sports about answering the standard questions I set out, which I hope will help you decide whether this dinner is worth your while. Here are their answers: Roughly, how much of the beer menu is limited edition or one-off beers? There will be […]