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Banned Beer Words and Usage

standard Banned Beer Words and Usage

UPDATE: I’ve started to add in suggestions from others and have separated out the words that aren’t banned, but need to be used with caution. This post draws inspiration from a few separate, but related sources. Several weeks ago, Raphael Brion left his long-held post as the Eater National editor. As well, I’ve been thinking about the post that Stephen Beaumont published a while ago dealing with when it is and is not okay to append the “Belgian” descriptor in front of a beer or beer style. Brion did a lot of great things for Eater, but many (even most) of […]

New Home, New List

standard New Home, New List

I started writing about food and drink in one place on the Internet. It is a blog called Food With Legs and since early 2009 it has been the easiest place to find my geeky, curious, rant-filled thoughts about the very best things to eat and drink. The challenge inherent to starting with the blog and then moving to freelance writing is that like dandelions in a suburban subdivision your writing can spread quickly and sometimes beyond your control. I think there are still at least a few people who share my eclectic set of interests and want to read […]