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Deep Fried Pickles with Bacon and Cheese

standard Deep Fried Pickles with Bacon and Cheese

Listen, I know I’m treading dangerously close to cliche territory here but deep fried pickles are actually one of those dishes that you either love or you hate. When I let it slip that I was working on a new adaptation of this trashy pub classic a large majority of respondents went all googly-eyed and lost control of their saliva glands. A small but vocal minority (who happen to be some of the wine experts I respect most–coincidence?) were having none of it. Objections tended towards they’re too salty and acidic but my favourite has to be: Who wants a […]

Testing out Canada Beef's The Roundup app with a smoked short rib stew

standard Testing out Canada Beef’s The Roundup app with a smoked short rib stew

The communications company who represents Canada Beef asked me to participate in their Can You Make the Cut? Challenge. I received money and groceries for writing this post. Do I like cooking with beef? Absolutely. Would I be interested in checking out a new smartphone app from Canada Beef? Sure, sounds like fun. That’s how I got started on a pretty thorough examination of The Roundup app (for iOS and Android), a new consumer education product from Canada Beef. The first thing I really dug into was the cuts by colour function. In a world where the average supermarket meat department employee (not to […]