standard Food Crawl: Toronto’s Riverside has everything from great BBQ to DIY Vietnamese


I can’t think of another Toronto neighbourhood that has a multi-decade, internationally-famous television series built around one of its central streets. Stretching from 1979’s Ida Makes a Movie through to the upcoming Next Class (to be released on Netflix) I’m, of course, talking about Degrassi Street in Riverside.

The show built a following by offering a realistic and unvarnished take on what it was like being a downtown kid in the otherwise very suburban Toronto of the 1980s. Thirty-five years later, the neighbourhood has retained its vibrancy, diversity and impressively harmonious use of tight spaces.

For this Food Crawl, I visited Bonjour Brioche, Aft, Batifole, Mi Mi’s Vietnamese, Hi-Lo and Sully’s Sandwiches. To read all about them, head over the Post City.

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