standard Habits Gastropub rebrands as Folly Brewpub with a new menu and greater emphasis on house-brewed beer.


Folly Brewpub isn’t as grandly built or slickly marketed as many of the new Toronto breweries that opened this summer. Instead, the focus is more tightly placed on a strong list of adventurous and well-made beers brewed by Christina Coady and Chris Conway.

And it’s also not technically new. After sampling Coady and Conway’s homebrewed beer, Michelle Genttner and Luis Martins, the owners of Habits Gastropub, convinced the two to turn pro. Between summer 2014 and when the license to brew arrived in January 2015, they piloted recipes that they would eventually produce on Habits’ nanobrewery system. As of last Thursday, Habits has completed a brewery expansion, rebranded as Folly Brewpub and placed a much bigger emphasis on house-brewed beer.

Head over to for my full profile on the new Folly Brewpub.

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