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Canada's Craft Beer: Taste testing pumpkin beer for Thanksgiving

standard Canada’s Craft Beer: Taste testing pumpkin beer for Thanksgiving

Is it time for pumpkin beers already? Absolutely. It’s now officially autumn and that means time for the best-selling seasonal style of craft beer. Even more than IPAs or craft lagers this category is a gateway into well-made beer for those who usually drink wine or spirits, but can get behind a festive push. This month on Food Bloggers of Canada I name my two of my favourite pumpkin beers that are available this year in central Canada.

Holiday Beers

standard Holiday Beers

“Oh, a bottle of Yellow Tail sparkling, that’s just what we hoped someone would bring us!” That’s the reaction of exactly zero hosts and hostesses when their holiday party guests present them with yet another generic knock-off champagne. Don’t get me wrong, I think offering a ribbon-wrapped bottle is a perfectly appropriate way to say thank you to someone who has invited you into their home this December. I just wish we would show a little more originality with our selection. Head over to the Food Bloggers of Canada site for the rest of my post on holiday beers.