Mirella Amato

Beersplaining with the OCB podcast

standard Beersplaining with the OCB podcast

I really dig talking about beer – especially with fellow beer writers. So, it’s been a great pleasure to make several guest appearances on this year’s round of OCB podcasts. For the 2015 slate, Mirella Amato, the show’s longtime host, has come up with a format that varies from the previous years’ formula of having two brewmasters on for an interview. Instead she has invited a pair of beer bloggers to join her in the studio each month and we’ve talked about and blind tasted a specific style of craft beer. All four of my trips to podcast land (we […]

Toronto Beer Week Preview

standard Toronto Beer Week Preview

The trouble with week-long programs of beer events is that organizers want to be inclusive and have trouble saying no to borderline events. TBW is better on this front than OCD week in June – partly because they don’t cover the entire province – but the event list has still become somewhat unwieldy. Instead of running through the comprehensive list of probably-better-than-average suggestions, I thought we better to offer a few pics that I think will escape attention. (By the way, if you took the week off work and really do want a-to-z guide, Ben Johnson’s at blogTO is more […]