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Food Crawl: A culinary tour of the Junction

standard Food Crawl: A culinary tour of the Junction

Arrive at Keele and Dundas West on a summer’s eve and you get to see one of the last spots in T.O. where neighbours get off the bus and grab an after-work drink together. The former city of West Toronto — the Junction to locals — has put its history of meat-packing and rail yards behind it, and now boasts two craft breweries and one of Toronto’s fastest changing restaurant scenes. Hit up these hot spots while spending a day exploring this blossoming ’hood. For the rest of the June’s Food Crawl column, on Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, head over to

Indie Ale House’s Barnyard IPA

standard Indie Ale House’s Barnyard IPA

July is just around the corner and even though the calendar says it’s summer we still haven’t been subjected to any truly blistering days. This comfortably warm weather strikes me as an invitation to get on my bike and venture out to one of the city’s thriving craft breweries for a beer you can only find at the source. Indie Ale House’s Barnyard IPA is delicious and unusual enough to justify the trip to the Junction. Click through to read the rest of this week’s First Draught on

NAO Steakhouse

standard NAO Steakhouse

Not very long ago, all of Toronto’s fine-dining restaurants served either steak, haute French, or fancy Italian food. The list of spots worth recommending to an out-of-town visitor included names like Winston’s, Barberian’s, and Prego Della Piazza. By installing their newest project, a steakhouse called NAO, in the building that was home to Auberge Gavroche, Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji hope to connect with Toronto’s restaurant history. The full First Look on NAO Steakhouse is over on

Chimay White

standard Chimay White

They seem like news and happen so infrequently so new releases onto LCBO shelves tend to get the majority of the beer coverage in Toronto. Chimay’s tripel is a great example of how some of the best beers, often at great prices, are steady regulars that don’t get press releases or media tastings. This week’s full First Draught is over on

Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier

standard Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier

Every shorter guide to Oktoberfest should mention that Munich’s annual beer festival is the world’s largest fair; the beer is called Marzen because it was traditionally made in March and cellared over the summer; and most of the sixteen-day stretch actually falls in September. Jump over to for the rest of this week’s column.